What makes Biala special?

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We are special because we care. We care for our children, our families and our staff. We are committed to having the strongest and most collaborative team of expert Therapists and supporters. We share a common cause: children. And in supporting children we give endearing hope. We take pride in our level of care, care that is designed to enable inclusiveness and the most positive outcomes for families. We are not about each hour. We are about what it takes.

We have a collaborative team of trans-disciplinary Therapists who share an underlying drive to create inclusiveness through practice. Everyone at Biala has a close working knowledge and appreciation of everyone’s specialities. This allows for the most appropriate mix of skills, experiences and capabilities to be brought together to ensure the very best levels of care and support. 

Our delivery principles are based around creating a collaborative ‘team around the child’, to help the child and their family achieve their goals. This means listening and bringing families along with us, secure in the knowledge that we are all working together.

Under ‘team around the child’ a key worker is allocated to act as a conduit and point of liaison for the family and other health, development and support professionals. They are effectively the signpost. It is a system that works best for the child. 

Building the ‘team around the child’ may also involve bringing other experts into the mix from relevant external organisations to those who work closely with the child, such as teachers and social workers. By building around the child, we can all then work as one team.