Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

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Supporting children to become more independent and skilled in their daily activities.

Biala Peninsula’s Occupational Therapist can contribute to supporting the development of your child’s independence in everyday activities including self-care, sleeping, feeding, dressing, toileting and a range of activities that are part of family life.

Biala Peninsula provides supports in places where children learn and develop everyday abilities and skills. This includes the home, community and early childhood education settings. We also provide supports at our purpose built clinic in Mornington. We can work closely with you to ensure your child’s goals are achieved. Biala Peninsula’s Occupational Therapy service is available for families with children aged 0-12yrs who need support with:

Fine Motor Skills which include:

  • Developing grasps in early infancy
  • Developing hand preference
  • Pre writing skills
  • Holding and using a pencil
  • Handwriting
  • Scissor skills

Gross Motor Skills which include:

  • Supporting early movement patterns such as crawling
  • Body awareness
  • Motor planning
  • Seated posture
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Ball skills
  • Bike riding

Sensory processing:

  • Supporting emotional regulation
  • Sensory reaction to the body or external stimulus which impacts attention, behaviour and learning


  • Daily skills of getting ready for life, like dressing, toileting, hygiene, eating and sleeping
  • Independence with routines, supporting planning and organisation skills


  • As per NDIS pricing arrangements and price limits

To find out more:

  • Contract us via the contact form, phone or email details at the bottom of the page.

Occupational Therapy
Amy Williams
Therapy Assistant (OT)

Amy is in her final year of her Occupational Therapy degree at Monash University and has a background in disability support. Amy is passionate about working with children and their families to reach their meaningful goals and gain independence.

Alexandra Herman
Occupational Therapist

Alex is a paediatric Occupational Therapist who enjoys working with children and their families. She is passionate about supporting children to develop skills to actively engage in their everyday activities. Alex focuses on their strengths and interests and has a family-led approach to her therapy.

Lauren Terhes
Occupational Therapist

Lauren is enthusiastic about collaborating with children and their families to support participation in meaningful activities. She has a special interest in sensory regulation and is qualified as an integrative dance instructor.

Lilian Davine
Occupational Therapist

Lilian recently graduated from the Australian Catholic University. She is a strong believer that, if given the most appropriate support, every child has the potential to succeed, and is passionate about assisting children and families in the pursuit of this.

Katelyn Roffey
Occupational Therapist

Katelyn is passionate about supporting children and their families to achieve their unique goals. She also enjoys learning from the children and families she works with and building confidence and independence along the way.

James Efremidis
Occupational Therapist

James is a paediatric Occupational Therapist who enjoys working with children and families to promote their independence and set them up for the future. James is passionate about aquatic OT and loves to see children develop in an aquatic environment.

Tara Quin
Team Leader & Occupational Therapist

Tara is an Occupational Therapist who is passionate about working with children of all ages and their families. She is a qualified Yoga Teacher with further training in Yoga/Yoga Therapy for kids.

Stacey Arianie
AHA Team Leader & Occupational Therapist

Stacey enjoys working with children and their families to reach their goals. She loves supporting them to develop the skills and confidence they need to participate in activities that are important to them.

Ardrie Davin
Team Leader & Occupational Therapist

A paediatric Occupational Therapist who has a Graduate Certificate in Developmental Trauma and has a strong interest in working with young children and their families who have experienced trauma.

Tesharnie Gruar
Occupational Therapist

Tesharnie enjoys working with children of all ages to help them reach their goals while having fun along the way! She has special interest areas of toilet training and fine motor skills.

Jenna Rickard
Team Leader & Occupational Therapist

Jenna is a paediatric occupational therapist who has completed further training in assessment and strategies for sensory processing difficulties in children at the SPD Foundation in Denver, USA.

For further information about NDIS, our services, and how we may be able to help you, please contact us.

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