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Counselling with Biala Peninsula

Having a child with special needs always presents significant emotional challenges and grief for any parent, regardless of how minor or significant the needs are. Despite the wonder and joy our children still bring us, it is not without the experience of loss in what was expected and the adjustment to the new.

Here at Biala Peninsula we are passionate about caregivers experiencing safety and support throughout what can be an emotionally challenging period, particularly around the time of diagnosis. It is our experience that given professional counselling support, the special needs parenting journey can remain a satisfying and joyful one.

Elsha Young
Family & Play Therapist

Elsha has over 10 years’ experience and loves working with families to help them recognise their strengths and increase their confidence through building a safe, respectful therapeutic relationship

Anna Fasolo

Anna is an experienced psychotherapist with is a particular interest in childhood trauma and is passionate about exploring ways to creatively engage with children.

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