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How Do I Manage My NDIS Plan?

Anna McCracken
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 During the planning process, you will need to think about how you wish to manage your plan.

There are three options for managing your NDIS Plan

  1. NDIA Managed
  2. Self-Managed 
  3. Plan Managed.

You can choose do use one method, or a mixture of 2 or 3. For example, you might have your therapy supports NDIA managed    

NDIA Managed

You are only able to select NDIS Registered Providers. You are not required to pay invoices, or claim reimbursement or report against your plan, this is all done by NDIA for you. You must set up a Service Agreement for each provider you choose. You must set up service bookings on the NDIS portal for the services you choose. Perhaps you don’t want to deal with the admin and you have chosen mostly registered providers, so you are happy for the NDIA to manage your child’s funds.


You can choose to use NDIS Registered or Unregistered providers

  • You are responsible for all Administration
  • Payment of invoices
  • Seek reimbursement from NDIA
  • Retain all invoices
  • Manage funds over the year
  • Keep records to provide to NDIA, if requested

Service Agreements:  You are required to set up a Service Agreement with each provider you use. You want to have the choice from registered and non-registered, and you are comfortable managing the admin and finances. 

Plan Managed

You can choose to use NDIS Registered or Unregistered providers.

Plan Management Provider - does everything the Financial intermediary does, as well as work with you to source suitable providers, liaise with service providers and negotiate and coordinate provision of support

If your choice is to use a Plan Manager, you MUST request this at the time of developing your Plan, as the NDIA will allocate funds to your plan to cover this.

Perhaps you want the choice to employ the support worker you already have to support community participation engagement for your child, but you don’t want to manage the payments. 

There is no hard and fast, right or wrong options, it is about your choice, your time and how comfortable you are.

Things to consider before deciding:

  • Are the services you are currently receiving registered as NDIS providers? If they are not, you will need to self-manage or plan manage to be able to stay with these.+
  • How comfortable are you to negotiate with service providers including service agreements?
  • How comfortable are you with organizing administration, finances and keeping good records?

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